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Biofriction is a project that ran from October 2019 to October 2021 and that focused on the intersection of art, science and technology.

On this platform, you will find:

Peephole. A section where you can find useful resources. In particular, you will find videos, interviews, papers, online publications, protocols, the e-publication and testimonials of the artists who participated in the project.

Artists. This section includes all the biographies and projects of the artists who took part in the project.

Podcast. Here you can find Biofriction Radio and Tick talks. Biofriction radio is a collection of podcasts on art, science and technology crafted together with the artist in residence, exploring and describing their projects and experience. TICK TALKs is a series of conversations by Kira O’Reilly and Laura Beloff with experts from the biosciences and the humanities concerning ticks, the pathogens they carry and the implications for humans and non-humans within changing environments.

Archive. A section to discover more about Biofriction open call and past events through a detailed description of the topics addressed over time. In addition, you can download the full report of activities.

Gallery. Browse in the photos and videos to discover what we have been working on during these two years!

Biofriction is based on open source and open culture. We believe that knowledge should circulate freely and we aim at stimulating future research. The resources that you find here can be used and consulted at any time.
If you would like to share with us your research, please drop us a message.

To have a complete idea of the project download “Biofriction. Intersection between arts, sciences and technologies“, the official publication on the Biofriction project.


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