Open Call Results

Resolution of Biofriction open call for the residencies in Hangar, Kapelica, Bioart Society and Cultivamos Cultura.

Biofriction selection committee, formed by Lluís Nacenta (Hangar), Laura Benitez Valero (Biofriction Art Director), Erich Berger (Bioart Society), Simon Streljaj (Kapelica), Marta de Menezes (Cultivamos Cultura), Quimera Rosa (external jury member) and Isabelle Carlier from Bandit Mages  (external jury member) has decided, among the 133 valid applications received, to award the grant to:

Maddalena Fragnito and Zoe Romano (Kinlab) (one-month long residency in Hangar)

Vanessa Lorenzo (one-month long residency in Hangar)

Adriana Knouf (two-months long residency in Kapelica)

Mayra Rojo Citlalli (one-month long residency in Bioart Society)

Joel Ong (two-weeks long residency in Cultivamos Cultura)

Kira O’Reily (two-weeks long residency in Cultivamos Cultura)

Christina Gruber (two-weeks long residency in Cultivamos Cultura)

Simona Deaconescu & Vanessa Goodman (two-weeks long residency in Cultivamos Cultura)

We sincerely thank all participants and wish all the best to the awarded artists for their Biofriction residence.

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