Summer Program Biofriction

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We are glad to announce that many resources, storytelling, videos, and photos about the Biofriction Summer Program are now available on our website!

The Biofriction Summer Program is a six-day intensive full-time programme on experimental practices where to share and generate situated knowledge(s). Composed of a series of workshops, seminars, and presentations on several thematic nodes such as Wetlab, Radical Ecologies, Ethics, Biohacking, and F(r)ictions.

Read more about and download all the resources by visiting our website.

Biofriction Radio: Mayra Citlalli Rojo and Anouchka Skoudy

This month we host the 5th and the 6th episodes of Biofriction Radio.

In the fifth episode, Mayra Citlalli Rojo, artist in residence at Bioart Society
discuss about her research project focused on the domestication in the history of the evolution of anatomy-botany. The research main objective is to locate the performative space where historical research on plants and evolution have a binding character with language as “textus”, tissue, link of imagination on vegetative-human mutations.

In the sixth episode, the biologist Anouchka Skoudy, biologist and scientific advisor of Biofriction talked about her experience during the different phases of the project and her relationship with the artists.

The radio is part of the European project Biofriction.

Cultivamos Cultura Summer School

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Thanks to the Creative European project Biofriction, Hangar and Cultivamos Cultura started a new partnership and connected their Summer programs.

Both the fourth edition of Cultivamos Cultura Summer School and Biofriction Summer Program in Barcelona aims to support Bioart and Biohacking practices with several practical and theoretical activities.

"Elements of Care" Summer School proposes several activities exploring the cultural representations of technology and science, the ethical concerns and the evolution of bioart as a cultural phenomenon.

Aero-sol-nauts: The Publication

We are glad to annouch that the Aero-sol-nauts publicaton is out!

The publication, published by Kersnikova, is a result of workshops and public presentations carried out by the e-working group Aerosolnauts between April and July 2020 as part of Braiding Friction online activities.

Braiding Friction was established in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by the partners of Biofriction.

Get your free hard copy at Kersnikova or the e-book version here.

Biofrictioners Summer Readings

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It’s officially the last week of July! Are there any books that you’re hoping to finish before the month ends? 

We have many suggestions for you for the month of august!

Biofriction website: Peephole section

We are glad to inform you that we have created Peephole, a new section in our website.

Peephole section refers to Donna Haraway's critique of how the narrative of natural history has been articulated from masculinist and colonial epistemologies.

The name of the section shares Haraway's critique of how Realism does not appear to be a point of view, but appears as a peephole into the jungle where peace may be witnessed; but also how, paradoxically, there is a screen that mediates access to materials and operates again as a peephole.

Here, you will find videos of activities and different materials that we recommend you to check out.