Terike Haapoja


Terike Haapoja is a visual artist based in New York. With a specific focus on encounters with nature, death and other species, Haapoja’s work investigates the existential and political boundaries of our world. Haapoja’s work raises questions about how different structures of exclusion and discrimination function as foundations for identity and culture. The notion of a world that is deeply rooted in the physicality and co-existence of beings and their multiple lifeworlds is at the core of Haapoja’s politically and ethically driven practice.
Haapoja approaches the previously mentioned themes by building up large projects, often realized in the forms of installations, related publications and participatory acts.


Within the Biofriction project, Terike takes part at Braiding Frictions as a Non/Living-Queerings workgroup member, Arts in the time of pandemics #NODE27.