Art and science in the time of a pandemic


On the 27th of April, Hangar hosted an event Art and science in times of pandemic. The meeting included the participation of several speakers and a performance by the artist Mayra Citlalli Roj.

This dialogue is the first of a series of activities linked to the Hac Te project, promoted and hosted by its various partners, and aimed at disseminating, promoting and emphasizing the interrelations between different artistic, philosophical, scientific or technological communities.

The event is designed for both general and specialized audiences, with a dialogue that involves an artistic, philosophical, scientific point of view to have an interdisciplinary vision.  After an introduction of the Biofriction project and each speaker, the event goes through different phases and topics starting from the sharing of personal experiences and reflections on the practices of art and science in times of pandemic.

Biofriction led by Hangar, and on the other hand to the monographic node 27 of the scientific journal Artnodes of the UOC. All this in the context of the actions that will allow the progressive deployment of the Hac Te project in the city of Barcelona.

This event was organized by Hangar, together with the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and Hac Te and its part of the European project Biofriction and is supported by the Creative Europe program. 


Lluís Nacenta (Barcelona) is a professor, writer and curator in the fields of music and contemporary art. Currently, he is the director of Hangar.

Mayra Citlalli Rojo (Mexico City) is a Mexican artist, researcher and interdisciplinary curator in visual arts and discourses of the body (gender and race), she researches in textile design and innovation.

Erich Berger (Helsinki) is an artist, curator and cultural worker based in Helsinki, Finland. His work focuses on the intersection of art, science and technology with a critical eye on how they transform society and the world.

Laura Benítez (Barcelona) is a PhD in Philosophy, researcher and independent curator. Her research connects philosophy, art(s) and technoscience.

Pau Alsina (Barcelona) is coordinator of Hac Te. D. in Philosophy and director of the interdisciplinary research group in Arts, Technoscience and Society (DARTS). He is an associate professor of Arts and Humanities Studies at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and of the Official Master in Digital Art Curatorship (ESDI).

Anouchka Skoudy, PhD in Biology, has been working in biomedical research for almost twenty years. She has led scientific projects related to cell and molecular biology, specifically in the area of embryonic stem cell differentiation and pancreatic cancer. Early she became interested in the procedures of scientific dissemination and gradually to the way art and science are linked.