We are delighted to present the video made by Paula Lienard Ibañez to catch some moments of the Biofriction Summer program.

This summer Biofriction brought together artists, researchers, philosophers, and hackers (among others) from diverse (in)trans_disciplinary practices and perspectives.

For facilitators and participants, the Biofriction Summer program meant qualitative time to share questions, concerns, experiments, curiosities, and critical tools.

Downloadable Program: Biofriction_Summer_Program

Biofriction is a Creative Europe project led by Hangar in collaboration with Bioart SocietyCultivamos Cultura, and Kersnikova Institute on Bioart and Biohacking practices. 

Carers Facilitators: Ce Quimera and Gaia Leandra. Wetlab resident collective; Xose Quiroga IMVEC and Regine Rapp & Christian de Lutz Art Laboratory Berlin; Joanna Zylisnka  and Arnau Sala Saez; Mary Maggic and Paula Pin; Helen Torres and  Possible Bodies