Streaming Braiding Friction | Phageologies

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and postponed activities, Biofriction has set up Braiding Frictions, a series of Working Groups and online events to instigate an informed discussion on the current situation and possible scenarios.

The video is the online streaming that presents the research of the working group Phageologies. 

In a context where necropolitics has been delegated solely and exclusively to governments and disciplinary agencies, wherein the environmental crisis there seems to be a consideration of life as surplus; Can we articulate a re-politicization of the malaise? Can we think of new models of accountability? How to confront suffering? Are we able to confront some less-than-pleasant thoughts that emerge when we think about the pandemic crisis, environmental struggle, and justice? What alliances can be woven in this context of precariousness, life, death, and malaise?


The working group was composed by: Quimera Rosa, Steve Kurtz, Toni Gabaldón, Laura Benítez Valero, Power Makes Us Sick and Kinlab collectives.