Biofriction. Intersection between arts, sciences and technologies

Here you will find “Biofriction. Intersection between arts, sciences and technologies“, the official publication on the Biofriction project.

The essay consists of several critical texts divided into six parts to give a broad and complete idea of the project. 

Describes the development of the Biofriction project over time, emphasizing, through a fluid and personal narration, the fundamental principles of the project, based on the idea of collective work and creative sharing. 

Highlights the main obstacles that occurred during the project, using keywords that guide the narrative.

Provides the fundamental definitions of the Biofriction project. It is worth mentioning that this is not a glossary with the presumption of giving universal definitions but, as stated in the text, a “situated” glossary within the Biofriction project.

Highlights the principles and behavioural working protocols fundamental during the Biofriction project.

Describes the project’s adaptability given the global pandemic. In particular, it is highlighted how many activities dealt with the virus, bringing to light various topical questions and arguments. 

Qualitative & quantitative data
Here are summarized the survey’s results of both the participants and the Biofriction artists-in-residence. The main goal was to understand the participant profile and their experience when involved in the Biofriction program.