Biofriction Interviews

In Biofriction, the intersections between evolutionary biology, artistic practices, and aesthetics are understood as potencies that can catalyze, articulate and problematize arguments and ideas from experimental research with matter; understanding these processes as a qualitative multiplicity; understanding research as an (open) syntax of doing.

In the current context, pandemic and ecological debacle, and collective sense of no escape, we also find pockets of active resistance. Among these focal points converge a multiplicity of practices that, experimenting with(in) biotech, articulate a critical review of the contemporary context in (cosmo)political terms. The experimental practices with biomaterials not only confront us with a necessary displacement in terms of scale but on many occasions they also place us facing the unspoken and the unthought, place us in front of the internal conditions of thinking itself. With_in the projects developed by the artists in Biofriction (and beyond the institutional limits of the project) ontology is presented as “liberating” experimentation and as a sort of phenomenology of constitutive praxis, making the conception of a single, uniquely human subject increasingly untenable, opening up the possibility of an extended subjectivity, a multiplicity constitutes of entangled agents.

But what is unique to each event? Where and when do entanglements occur? How to address the unspoken, the unthought? Do these experimental practices dilute or hack hegemony? Or do they continue to relegate others to subalternity? What fictions operate here? Has the notion of extended subjectivity become an empty political catch-all? Has the post-anthropocentric paradigm shift become an oxymoron? How to resist the barbarism in which we have always been? How to open a fictional space in which to explore life in the Critical Zones? How to generate(ing)-worlds from a non-representational theory_practice? These, and other, questions will be addressed throughout this section. 

Stay tuned the following weeks to know the artists, scientists, philosophers and collectives with whom we are sharing some thoughts and ideas.