Mari Mutare Pictorial_issue #37 Temes de Disseny

You can now access online to the new issue of Temes de Disseny, a design research journal by Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. The 37th issue: Invisible Conflicts: A New Terrain of Bodies, Infrastructures and Information, co-edited by Bani Brusadin and Laura Benítez, sets out to humbly explore the topic of conflict and disobedience in a networked planet. Traditionally, design offers tools and procedures to tackle problems, analysing how new objects and processes can provide solutions. Conversely, this issue compiles research about instability, frictions, resistance, counter-practices, cultural clashes, and even material conflict.

In this issue #37 you will find a Pictorial by Vanessa Lorenzo, resident artist of Biofriction, on the project Mari Mutare, a transdisciplinary design research project about biocompatible prostheses inspired by the early Christian being called Green Man, a human-plant hybrid that represents the nature-culture continuum. These objects are intended to address human exceptionalism from a post-anthropocentric, feminist, and queer perspective.

We invite you to enjoy the pictorial and to access all the contents of the issue here.

Credits: Vanessa Lorenzo