BLOT – Body Line of Thought

🗓️ From the 14th of November 12 PM until 15th of November 12 AM (GMT time)

Between November 12th and  November 15th, takes place the premiere of BLOT project – Body Line of Thought, an international collaboration between choreographers Simona Deaconescu and Vanessa Goodman, selected Biofriction artists in residence. The premiere will take place in a hybrid form, through documentary exhibition events, which take place in parallel in Bucharest (Switch Lab) and Vancouver (Left of Main), both on a programming basis.

BLOT proposes a series of performative situations that explore movement in relation with the bacteria in our body. The show aims to rethink the body as an interconnected system, strong and fragile at the same time. The body is stripped of the social meanings determined by language and redefines itself through a continuous dialogue about coexistence. The two artists work on stage with seemingly invisible connections, but without which the human body could not function.

Following the events that have defined the recent history of our interaction with the environment and especially with the microorganisms with which we coexist, it is necessary to look at the body as a system that cannot exist outside the multitudes it contains. Contamination has become a term that inspires fear, although it is a natural process by which we change and transform resources.

BLOT analyzes the way in which human existence is translated by language, through processes of dependence and control, focusing on the fine line between what is useful and what is toxic. There is an order in biological terms copied and reproduced by human intelligence, through social behavioral systems. Human intelligence has limited control over bacteria through technology and science, but it is ultimately and inevitably subdued by the unknown.

To see the project, subscribe through the reservation booking form:


📍BUCHAREST @ SWITCH LAB (Universul Palace, 23 – 25 Ion Brezoianu Str, 5th floor)

⏰ 13, 14 and 15 November, 2020 | 18h – 21h (EET/GMT+2 time)

The premiere in Bucharest is organized in the form of a 42-minute documentary video installation, which will present the recording of the show, along with other video materials that were part of the research of the two choreographers. Access is free and is scheduled by a maximum of 10 people within an hour. In parallel, it is possible to watch the event online, in the form of a digital platform accessible only to those who make a reservation for this purpose. The performance contains nudity and is recommended for people over 18 years old. Photographing and video recording is strictly forbidden. The performance contains text in English.

* For international online booking reservations, an open platform will be provided depending on the time zone of the participants. In this regard, you can make a reservation by email at


📍VANCOUVER @ PLASTIC ORCHID FACTORY (Left of Main, 211 Keefer) via Zoom

⏰ 12 and 13 of November, 2020 | 15h – 19h (EET/GMT+2)

⏰ 14 of November, 2020 | 12h – 16h (PST/UTC-8H)

The Vancouver premiere is an installation built at the Plastic Orchid Factory (Left of Main), presented in the form of guided tours on Zoom, under the guidance of choreographer Vanessa Goodman. The installation starts with the idea of ​​the balance between micro and macro at the ecosystem level, mediated by human experience and the way we relate to the concept of order.