Biofriction Summer Program: (Bio)haking_with_care

Hangar from the 12th to 17th of July 2021 hosted the Biofriction Summer Program, a six-day intensive program with workshops, seminars, and presentations on Wetlab, Radical Ecologies, Ethics, Biohacking, and F(r)ictions; bringing together artists, researchers, philosophers, and hackers (among others) from diverse (in)trans_disciplinary practices and perspectives.
The proposal is conceived as an entangled structure in which all the thematic nodes are intertwined, but with specific activities that help to cross-pollinate.

Here you can see the lecture during the (Bio)hacking_with_care session conducted by artists Mary Maggic and Paula Pin which explained their practices and several projected they did overtime and shared their personal path that brought them to experiment with biomaterials.

During the session they discussed how, nowadays, the human industrial activity (petrochemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical) has permanently altered the planet through the widespread presence of xenoestrogens, or endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs). Molecules such as BPA, phthalates, PCBs, dioxins, and synthetic hormones have hormone-mimicking and displacing properties, and are able to enter and communicate in the molecular semiosphere that we share with almost all animal taxa.