Biofriction Summer Program: Ethics

Hangar from the 12th to 17th of July 2021 hosted the Biofriction Summer Program, a six-day intensive program with workshops, seminars, and presentations on Wetlab, Radical Ecologies, Ethics, Biohacking, and F(r)ictions; bringing together artists, researchers, philosophers, and hackers (among others) from diverse (in)trans_disciplinary practices and perspectives.
The proposal is conceived as an entangled structure in which all the thematic nodes are intertwined, but with specific activities that help to cross-pollinate.


Here you have the session about Ethics conducted by Joanna Zylinska and mediated by Laura Benítez Valero. Joanna talked about Life, death and extinction: Minimal ethics for the whole universe. Her intervention was first and foremost about life – conceived as both a biological and social phenomenon – it was also a narrative about the impending death of the human population. The aim of Joanna was to take some steps towards, outlining minimal ethics thought on a universal scale. The talk aims to mobilize a more speculative mode of thinking that is more akin to the artist’s method; it also includes a brief presentation of an accompanying art project.