Biofriction Summer Program: F(r)ictions

Hangar from the 12th to 17th of July 2021 hosted the Biofriction Summer Program, a six-day intensive program with workshops, seminars, and presentations on Wetlab, Radical Ecologies, Ethics, Biohacking, and F(r)ictions; bringing together artists, researchers, philosophers, and hackers (among others) from diverse (in)trans_disciplinary practices and perspectives.
The proposal is conceived as an entangled structure in which all the thematic nodes are intertwined, but with specific activities that help to cross-pollinate.

Here you can see the lecture during the F(r)ictions session conducted by Helen Torres and Possible Bodies.
In the fist part of the video, Helen talked about what does it mean science fiction and what are the challenges in relation to different practices. In the second part, we assist at a conversation between Helen and Possible Bodies. The aim of the conversation was to bring up several issues such as: how to expand, density and thicken what’s possible, instead of staying aligned with the deadly reproduction of too probable techno events? How is it that some facts have been solidified rather than others? How to think of fiction as a problem and not only as a potential for radical thinking?