Light Scapes by Kim Doan Quoc

The first video is a Microdoc produced by Cultivamos Cultura in which the artist Kim Doan Quoc talks about her collaborative project Light Scapes with choreographer Ana Monteiro and violinist Maëlle Morton. This collaborative project happened as Kim and Ana were developing their own projects in residency at Cultivamos Cultura and found ways to meet artistically through this work. Their common ground created an immersive experience that spreads on different layers. The interactive scenography and visuals created by Kim Doan Quoc are inhabited and activated by Ana Monteiro’s performance and the live music created by Maëlle Morton and counted with the participation of Lucci Olla, Florian Vauthier, Zosia Nowak and Noy Yona.

The second video is the performance of Light Scapes that took place at Cultivamos Cultura premises.

Light Scapes from Kim Doan Quoc on Vimeo.

This event was made possible within the Biofriction Project.