Microdoc_ Christina Gruber residency

The video is the Fourteenth Microdoc of the residencies within Cultivamos Cultura premises and presents the Biofriction artistic research of Christina Gruber during her residency at Cultivamos Cultura.

In the video, Christina explains the main goal and techniques’ of her research. The project HOUSTON, CAN YOU HEAR ME?  Species in alliance seeks to develop a non-human approach, which uses technology to better understand our surroundings and the connection we have with the species around us. Houston can you hear me? stems from Christina Gruber’s recent research in the field of bioacoustics, which asks how sound recordings in river environments can contribute to transforming common sampling practices in fieldwork, which are usually based on a constant extraction of specimens from their environment.

Christina is an artist and freshwater ecologist based in Vienna. She works at the intersection of art and science; her work deals with societal phenomena that shape our world. Gruber investigates the effects human activities have and had on the landscape and how they’ve shaped the Earth’s surface, specifically focusing on water.

video by María Contreras

Microdocs (Residencies) XIV – Christina Gruber 06.2021 // 07.2021 from Cultivamos Cultura on Vimeo.