Biofriction Radio: Mayra Citlalli Rojo

Biofriction Radio collects podcasts interviewing Biofriction artists in residence exploring evolutionary biology, artistic practices, and thoughts from experimental research with biotech.
In the fourth fifth of the podcast, Mayra Citlalli Rojo, a disembodied artist in residence at Bioart Society, discusses her research project about domestication in the history of the evolution of anatomy-botany. The main objective of the research is to locate the performative space where historical research on plants and evolution have a binding character with language as “textus”, tissue, link of imagination on vegetative-human mutations.
There is no utopia more powerful than transformative everyday practices and that is why I believe in the power of language (tongue) as an act of the body, in the mystery of organic matter, in the image that breaks the barrier of belonging, in the insurrection of the imaginations of the monsters that are conjured up in the act of narration.
Mayra Citlalli Rojo Gómez, Mexico December 2020
The radio is part of the European project Biofriction led by Hangar in partnership with Zavod Kersnikova, Bioart Society and Cultivamos Cultura.