Biofriction Radio: Adriana Knouf


Biofriction Radio is a collection of podcasts interviewing Biofriction artists in residence exploring evolutionary biology, artistic practices, and thoughts from experimental research with biotech.

In the podcast, Adriana Knouf, Biofriction artist in residence at Kersnikova, talks about her project Xenological Entanglements. 001: Eromatase, which she began developing during her Biofriction residency at Kapelica Gallery / Kersnikova Institute. She touches upon several aspects of the project, ranging from her childhood desire to go to space, xenology, self-experimentation, hormones, relationships between art, science and technology, to cell cultivation, thin-layer chromatography, open-source clinostat construction, and transhackfeminism. Furthermore, she talks about several different forms that her project took on: a lecture-performance 001a: Trying Plastic Variations, a text ALIENS–ONTOPOIETIC SELF-EXPERIMENTATION–MOLECULAR–MATRIX–VOICE, a public discussion Intoxicated by Estrogen, and a photo-performance and object titled 001b: Saccular Fount. The audio clip is enriched by original sounds, recorded for and at her 001a: Trying Plastic Variations lecture-performance in October 2020 in Ljubljana.

The radio is part of the European project Biofriction led by Hangar in partnership with Zavod KersnikovaBioart Society and Cultivamos Cultura.

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