Streaming Braiding Friction | Non/Living Queerings

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and postponed activities, Biofriction has set up Braiding Frictions, a series of Working Groups and online events to instigate an informed discussion on the current situation and possible scenarios.

The video is the online streaming that presents the research of working group Non/Living Queerings. They brought together perspectives and toolboxes from across art, science and theory. The group focused on the following enquiries:

  • What is the role of art in the unpacking/understanding of theĀ now? How can art mobilise a better understanding of possible futures?
  • How can we understand the long- and short-term (temporal); local and global (spatial); micro-and macro-scales of more-than-human and non/living actants and the processes of the Anthropocene they are involved in (like previously unknown viruses, for example)?
  • What are the conceptual and material boundaries of living and non-living as well as their potentials and limitations as actants?
  • What ethical and political response may such an onto-epistemological revision of understandings generate?


The working group was composed of Marietta Radomska, Terike Haapoja, Margherita Pevere, Markus Schmidt, Mayra Citalli.